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NANO Launches the very first stand alone Social Ecommerce Marketplace Platform. As the marketplace leaders such as Amazon, AIrbnb, Uber and many others have shown that by connecting suppliers and buyers on a unique online platform, you take control of your industry and quickly become the key player. Users benefit by receiving competitive pricing, better customer service and a bigger selection of goods, while Merchants receive the ability to control their own merchandising, branding and message on a platform that already has users that are interested in their goods.

Our Multi-Vendor marketplace platform is targeted towards online shopping malls and enterprise-level ecommerce projects with multiple independent vendors selling their products and services through a common storefront. Every single vendor is provided with a separate individual admin panel to manage and control own stores, product inventory, clients, orders, and services.

Fully integrated with Braintree, a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments in your app or website. Braintree Marketplace streamlines payments for your market-style business, enabling you to effortlessly split payments between you and your providers.  learn more


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