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Don't have a mobile website? You are missing out on sales!

US mobile Ecommerce is a $40 billion market, poised to hit $50 billion in sales in 2014.


Custora’s latest numbers indicate mobile commerce could hit $50 billion by the end of the year (US). According to their data traffic from mobile devices to ecommerce sites has hit the 37% mark with m:commerce sales hitting the $43 billion mark last year (2013). In 2010 mobile commerce brought in just $2 billion in sales.

Source: Custora

Mobile Ecommerce has exploded over the past four years and the growth isn’t stopping. Smartphone use is rising fast and the reason is simple: Your customers are on the go! They’re accessing your website from their mobile devices on the bus, in the park, while seating on the couch. They want fast convenient access to your products and services and their mobile phone is the gateway to this information. If you don’t give your customers what they want (fast access and easy navigation so they can browse and shop while mobile), they will go someplace else.

FACT: “Research shows that your mobile commerce should be responsible for 25% of your sales revenue.”

If you do not have a mobile website, you are missing out on sales!

The average US smartphone owner spends over an hour per day interacting with their phone and with 58% of American adults having a smart phone, mobile will play a major role in your ecommerce revenue. On top of that the large amount of data available through the mobile devices, ranging from personal mobile behaviors to the time of day and the device’s physical location, allows marketers to customize their messages and interact with their ideal targets as never before.

Your customers expect the same great shopping experience no matter where they are or what device they’re on.



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